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How much does it cost to have a CV professionally written?

At Perfect CVs your career advancement is our priority. Understanding the investment in a professional CV can be daunting, we are here to guide you through what to expect and why it's worthwhile.

Factors Affecting CV Writing Costs

The cost of professional CV writing varies based on several factors:

• Experience Level of the CV Writer: Senior writers or those companies with specialised expertise typically command higher fees.

• Complexity and Customisation: The more tailored and detailed the CV needs to be, particularly for senior or niche positions.

• Additional Services: Services like writing Cover Letters and optimising LinkedIn profiles can affect the total price.

Our CV Writing Packages

Explore our structured packages designed to cater to various levels of professional needs, each including detailed consultations to ensure your requirements are fully met:

Gold Package (£65) Get a professionally crafted new CV, where we understand your career goals, and tailor your CV accordingly with telephone consultations included.

Platinum Package (£85) Creation of a new CV tailored to highlight your skills and experiences, as well as a Cover Letter to complement your CV and enhance your application.

Diamond Package (£95) A new CV, Cover Letter and LinkedIn profile. We will create a bespoke CV that provides a compelling narrative of your career and a professionally written cover letter to boost your application, along with a well optimised LinkedIn profile.

Why Invest in a Professional CV?

Investing in a professionally written CV goes beyond mere aesthetics; it's an integral strategy for career advancement. The document itself serves as a vital tool in your job search, creating a vital first impression that can open doors to new opportunities. Here's why you should consider this service not just as an expense, but as a strategic investment in your future:

Competitive Edge: In today's job market, standing out is more crucial than ever. A professional CV writer uses industry-specific keywords and formats that are proven to catch the attention of hiring software and recruiters. Your CV will not only look more appealing but will be crafted to break through the noise in the job market.

Expert Crafting: Professional CV writers bring a level of expertise that goes beyond basic writing skills. They understand what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for and how to position your skills and experiences to align with these requirements. This expertise helps in articulating your career narrative in a compelling way that showcases your achievements and potential.

Return on Investment: While the upfront cost of a professional CV writing service might seem like a significant outlay, the potential return on investment can be substantial. From securing jobs with higher salaries to reducing the time spent unemployed, the financial benefits can quickly surpass the initial cost. With a stronger application, you're more likely to land interviews and job offers at esteemed companies, potentially increasing your earning power.

Tailored Branding: A professional CV is tailored not just to your profession but to your personal career goals and aspirations. It acts as your personal brand ambassador, conveying a polished and professional image. This level of personalisation and accuracy in presenting your professional persona can make a decisive difference in your job applications.

Boosted Confidence: Knowing that your CV has been crafted to the highest professional standards can significantly boost your confidence during the job search. Confidence plays a crucial role in applying for jobs and attending interviews, and having a robust, professionally endorsed CV supports that.

Long-Term Career Support: Beyond just writing your CV, professional services often provide insights and advice that can be invaluable as you navigate through different stages of your career. From cover letter guidance to LinkedIn optimisations, these elements ensure that your professional portrayal remains consistent and compelling across all platforms.

The investment in a professional CV writing service not only prepares you for your immediate job search but also equips you with a tool that remains valuable throughout your career. Whether you are aiming for a promotion, a career shift, or entering a new industry, a professionally crafted CV provides you with the necessary support to pursue these goals with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it worth paying for a professional CV?
Absolutely. Investing in a professional CV significantly enhances your chances of landing interviews and securing desirable job positions. A professionally crafted CV effectively showcases your skills and achievements, ensures your CV stands out in competitive job markets, and can increase your earning potential through better job opportunities.

How much should I pay to have my CV professionally written?
The cost depends on what is included. Our packages are as follows:

- Gold Package: £65 for a new CV with consultations.

- Platinum Package: £85 for a new CV, cover letter and consultations.

- Diamond Package: £95, offering comprehensive service featuring a new CV, cover letter, LinkedIn optimisation and consultations.

Why hire a professional CV writer?

Yes, hiring a professional CV writer is worth the investment, particularly if you aim to position yourself advantageously in a tough job market. Professional writers provide not just writing services but also expertise in market trends, keyword optimisation, and personal branding that can differentiate your CV from others.

These prices reflect the in-depth consultation and customisation that go into each CV, making your investment both strategic and beneficial for your professional development.

Getting Started

Interested in taking your career to the next level with a professionally written CV? Contact us today to discuss your options or to schedule a consultation. Let us help you turn your professional history into a compelling career future!

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