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Choosing a CV Writing Service

What to Look for in a CV Writing Service:

When browsing online, there are many companies providing a CV writing service and selecting the best one to meet your needs can be a real challenge. Generally, CV writing companies undertake work via e-mail and telephone consultations these days, and not many provide a face-to-face service anymore. This does not have an effect on quality of the service however, as long as you are able to communicate easily with your CV writer, especially with respect to advising of the types of jobs you are now looking to apply for, and making changes to your CV once it has been produced. Usually payment is made upfront and then work starts, hence it is imperative that you perform good due diligence to ensure the CV writing company you pick is reputable and creates high quality CVs.

Where are the CV Writers Based?

This is a very important thing to identify from the outset. The CV writing industry has flourished online, and due to the global nature of the internet, we would say it is important to select a UK based CV writing service. The reason for this is that a UK based CV writer will have knowledge of the employment market in the UK, an understanding of role titles as well as employer expectations and also will be able to write your professional CV in British English (as opposed to US English) which is important.

With respect to our CV writing service, we are based in London (Brentford) and all of our CV writers are professionals with a sector expertise across a range of industries, and a strong background in recruitment and HR.


With such a huge number of professional CV writers online, naturally the pricing structures of these companies varies quite significantly. It is true that price does tend to be an indication of quality of any product or service. This is the case with CV writing as well, but we would say there is a boundary as to what can be deemed reasonable in terms of charge for a new CV. Some companies charge by number of years of experience, or by sector, industry or role type. There are a lot of firms that do charge excessive prices of upwards of £250 which we have seen, and we would say this is unreasonable. A CV is a written document and a CV writer should be remunerated for the quality of work produced, but there has to be a fine line between pricing and fair value for the customer.

We provide packages from £65 for a new professional CV, going up to £85 for CV and Cover Letter and £95 for a CV, Cover Letter and LinkedIn profile creation.

Customer Care and Ongoing Support

In today's world, with any business, keeping customers happy is absolutely essential to its success. The CV produced should be of excellent quality, as well as the customer service provided. It will most likely be the case that you will need to liaise with your CV writer back and forth to refine the content, perhaps change the tone / pitch where required and also make some specific amendments until it is spot on. Therefore, choosing a UK based professional CV writing service which offers provision for changes and telephone calls with your writer is quite important. When you have the option of communicating with your writer, this also gives you confidence in the service and their ability to provide you with a strong new CV which will ensure you are 100% satisfied in the end.

Testimonials and Independent Reviews

Always check the independent reviews of any company you purchase from online! This is a very good way of verifying their credibility, and this goes for CV writing companies also. Trustpilot is always a good website to refer to when evaluating the quality of a product / service provided and we would encourage you to do so. Reading feedback from past customers can be invaluable in ensuring that you choose a reputable CV writer and will help you to make the right choice.

At Perfect CVS, we have have a passion for delivering an exceptional level of service when creating new CVs, and include telephone consultations as well as unlimited revisions / amendments for a period of 6 months with all of our packages.

Feel free to read more about our CV writing service and let us help you to progress within your career and secure a new role, with a strong, well-written professional CV that makes an impact.

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Send us your CV for a free, no-obligation CV review within 2 hours. One of our experts will analyse your CV and contact you to provide detailed feedback along with their professional opinion on how it can be improved.