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CV Writing for Students

We understand that entering the job market as a student can be daunting, which is why our team focuses on converting your academic and extra-curricular achievements into an impressive CV.

Why Students Need a Professional CV

Navigating the job market as a student can be a formidable challenge. While you may not have extensive work experience, your potential and innovative ideas are invaluable assets that need to be effectively showcased. A professionally crafted CV is crucial in presenting yourself in a manner that catches the attention of potential employers and makes you stand out.

Having a professional CV writer can be a game-changer in how your academic achievements, part-time jobs, volunteer work and projects are presented. They know how to emphasise key skills such as problem solving and attention to detail. This can greatly enhance your profile, positioning you as a strong candidate despite limited work experience.

Another key benefit is the customisation of your CV. A professional ensures that your CV is specifically tailored to the job you're applying for. They incorporate keywords from the job description, ensuring that your personal statement and other content closely align with what the employer is seeking.

Moreover, professional formatting and smart structuring of your CV play pivotal roles. Presenting your education, skills, hobbies and interests in an organised and attractive way can make your CV more engaging and easier to read. This level of professionalism helps maintain the recruiter's interest and makes your key attributes more visible.

A professionally written CV also helps you overcome common pitfalls that many students encounter, such as overloading the CV with unnecessary information or under-selling valuable experiences. The expertise of a professional writer ensures that every line on your CV is purposeful and contributes positively to your job application.

In essence, a well-crafted CV not only opens the door to initial interview opportunities but also instils confidence in you as a candidate fully prepared to enter the competitive job market.

Our Student CV Writing Service

Our CV writing service can help you secure everything from a part-time job to an internship, apprenticeship and first full-time role:

• Gold Package: Includes a professional CV with telephone consultations.

• Platinum Package: Builds on the Gold Package with the inclusion of a Cover Letter.

• Diamond Package: Offers a new CV, Cover Letter and LinkedIn Profile.

How We Work

Our approach is straightforward and effective:

1.  Choose your package and let us understand your educational background, work / project experiences, career aspirations and hobbies and interests.

2. Drafting: A CV expert will craft your document, ensuring alignment with expectations of recruiters / employers and industry standards.

3. Revisions: We offer revisions to refine  your CV, ensuring that all relevant capabilities as well as soft skills (i.e. problem solving skills and attention to detail, etc.) are well-presented using bullet points.

4. Final Delivery: Receive your polished CV, ready to impress potential employers and secure a new role.

Benefits of a Professionally Written CV for Students

Opting for our CV writing services will provide numerous advantages:

• Maximise Interview Opportunities: Your CV is your first interaction with potential employers. A professionally written CV dramatically increases your chances of securing interviews by presenting your qualifications and work experience in the most compelling way.

• Communicate Your Skills Effectively: With the support of our expert team, your CV will articulate your strengths from subject knowledge to problem solving abilities and attention to detail. We also ensure to highlight your hobbies and interests that align with the job role (where appropriate), portraying a well-rounded candidate profile.

• Excellent Customer Service: Our dedicated team will guide you through the process, ensuring that all your queries are answered promptly and your needs are met with the utmost attention. We are committed to facilitating a smooth and supportive experience from start to finish.

• Tailored and Targeted Content: We craft your CV to reflect the specific requirements of the job you're applying for by aligning it with the relevant job descriptions and candidate expectations. This tailored approach ensures that your CV addresses the key skills and capabilities relevant to the job.

• Professional Formatting: A well-structured CV allows for better readability and makes a strong professional impression. We utilise effective bullet points, clear headings and neat layouts to enhance the structure of your CV, making it easy for hiring managers to identify crucial information quickly.

All of these benefits combine to present you as a distinguished candidate, ready to enter the professional world with a CV that not only meets but exceeds employer expectations. Whether it's a part-time role, an internship, or a full-time position, a professionally written CV opens doors and facilitates career advancement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

• How long does the entire process take? Typically, the process takes 4 working days for delivery of first drafts.

• What if I require adjustments to my CV after receiving it? Revisions are included in our packages, ensuring your CV meets your satisfaction for a period of six months.

• Do you provide services for any specific industries? Yes, our team has expertise across various fields, ensuring that your CV is tailored to the specific demands of the industry you are targeting.

Getting Started

Ready to make a great impression on potential employers with a professionally written CV? Choose your CV package directly from our website and start your journey to career success with confidence!

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