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CV Review: Top Signs you Need One

CV Review - Best Practice

Can you remember the last time you glanced through your CV? If you have been in a job for a long time, the chances are that it has been a while! It is always good practice to regularly undertake a CV review, because styles, formats and change over the years. Irrespective of whether you are seeking a new role or not, you should use a professional CV writing service to check your document and keep it up-to-date with you current position - because you never know when you might come across a role that you want to apply for.

We will go through the main reasons below why you might need a professional CV writing service:

1) Time Since Last Job Application

As mentioned above, this is a perfectly valid and normal reason why you may not have had your CV reviewed in a long time. You may have had many promotions internally within the company you currently work for, and often it is the case that you don't need to particularly update your CV with great care for internal roles (as it is very quick and easy to arrange interviews within the same company). So you might look soon to apply externally, and in this case your CV needs to be up-to-scratch and written professionally.

2) Change of Career, Aspirations and Goals

You may have progressed in your career over the past few years and attained a much more senior role, or specialised in a certain area perhaps. Along the way, you may have picked up new skills and expertise, so reflecting this on your CV is a must. Obviously you would need to include the details of your recent positions as well in the correct way. All of these are reasons why you would need a CV writer to cast a fine eye over your CV and even Cover Letter as well, to review them, get them updated and ready for any potential role application that you may see in the future.

3) Understanding of ATS and Keywords on a CV

Awareness of ATS systems and how they work with respect to keywords is absolutely key to ensuring your professional CV gets responses when applying for jobs. There are many technical points relating to ATS systems (and we have gone through this in a separate article), but essentially if you had not considered tailoring your CV for these recruiter shortlisting systems previously, you would need to now. This is a good reason to re-review your CV and have it checked to ensure favourability, which will lead to its success.

Final Thoughts

It is always worth having your CV professionally written, along with a good strong Cover Letter and LinkedIn profile to compliment them. The above are merely a small number of reasons why it may be a good time to have a CV review, but you never know when a great job opportunity may arise, so it is always best to be prepared and armed with a set of well tailored documents.

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