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Should I Include a Personal Interests Section: CV Writing

Should a Personal Interests Section Be Included on a CV?

CV writers are often asked whether it is beneficial to include a section which details hobbies and interests on a professional CV, notably given the ideal maximum length of 2 A4 pages. This is a subjective thing, and in our opinion it depends on the level of career experience a person has and the amount of space available on the CV (after detailing a strong profile, key skills section and work experiences). Often for seasoned professionals, it would not add great value to add this section on to a CV, however for students or graduates (with less work experiences naturally) it may be good to show extra-curricular interests.

Professional CV: Pros & Cons of Including Hobbies and Personal Interests

There are advantages and disadvantages to take into account when providing more of an insight into your personality. It is good to keep the section brief, avoid any controversial topics and write in the first person. A well balance CV is very important, so it is good to make sure that your personal interests section is not emphasised too much or too prominent on your professional CV. Keeping it at the end of the CV (on page 2) would be the right thing to do, as well as keeping it within 4 lines at a maximum. Try to look at your CV from the employers' perspective as well as the values and ethos of the company which you will be using your CV to apply for a role at - there are ways you can mould your interests and hobbies section to align well and show the relevance with your very own personality and values which will be beneficial.

Final Thoughts

The key point to take away, is that any hobbies and interests section of your CV must add overall value to make it stronger, compelling recruiters and employers to call you to interview, which is the main aim of a good, strong professional CV.

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