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Navigating the Challenging Job Market (2023 - 2024)

Post COVID-19, the employment landscape has been changing at an unprecedented pace, notably as a result of the economic climate that has ensued. There have been times of very low amounts of open vacancies over the past few years, combined with rising redundancies particularly in the retail and hospitality sectors which have been impacted a lot after the pandemic.

It can be disheartening for candidates, seeing the sheer number of people applying for a single role, with naturally a low chance of success in attaining an interview as a result. The one thing in your control however, is your CV. Using a professional CV writing service can work wonders and put you ahead of the competition, which is essential if you are to make in-roads in your job hunt. With the right strategy, approach and mindset, you can overcome many obstacles to create a strong new professional CV that can help significantly in times of dwindling opportunities and a vast amount of applicants.

1. Keep Up-to-Date

Within a fast-changing jobs market, it is imperative to keep an eye on the economy as a whole and the direction of events. Review forecasts and understand the sectors and industries which may be hit the hardest, so you can adapt your skill sets and potentially change career direction if need be, in line with market demands.

2. Improve your Skills

The employment market becomes very uncertain during periods of economic decline and high inflation, with a lot of companies making redundancies and a huge influx of new people seeking out jobs. You could consider undertaking professional training / courses or attaining certifications to boost your chances of employability. Including relevant and up-to-date certifications on your professional CV can strengthen it enormously.

3. Enhance your Online Presence

Keep your LinkedIn profile and other platforms up-to-date with your latest information. In today's digital age, this is imperative and there are many opportunities that can arise, especially from LinkedIn - often recruiters search LinkedIn to 'headhunt' candidates for roles. With our professional CV writing service, we can help to create a strong and well optimised profile for you.

4. Keep an Open Mind for Temporary or Contract Opportunities

Whilst it may be ideal from a job security perspective to attain a permanent role, it is always wise to consider potential short term opportunities as well. Often a lot of contract positions are very well paid (especially if outside IR35) and they can also provide you with exposure to new sectors, experiences and professional workplace connections. In addition to this, temporary roles can be a good bridge to secure a permanent role in the future with a certain company.

5. Remain Resilient, Consistent and Patient

Searching for a job during highly challenging times can be very emotionally draining. It is natural to feel disheartened, but those who remain persistent will always prevail in the end. The market is cyclical and will eventually turn the tide, so bear this in mind whilst you develop your skill sets and expertise in the best way possible.

6. Remain Flexible in Terms of Location

It is common knowledge that there are more opportunities in certain parts of the UK, especially in London and other major cities such as Birmingham and Manchester. There may be limited opportunities in smaller towns or rural areas, hence it may be worth considering being flexible enough to travel longer distances or even relocate. Certain parts of the country may have more opportunities for your sector (the manufacturing industry in the North comes to mind, or financial services in London and the South East), so keeping an open mind with respect to geographic location may be a good thing in the long term. Having said that, post COVID-19, a lot of companies do offer hybrid or home working options, which can certainly help you to become more flexible in terms of potential travel.

Closing Thoughts

It is always daunting when looking for a new job, and that is especially the case in today's day in age. Maintaining flexibility, being adaptable and upskilling yourself can work wonders in conjunction with a positive mindset and outlook. Ensure you have a good professional CV which conveys your background well and you will be able to project yourself in the best way possible to avail opportunities when they arise.

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