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Optimising your CV from a Keyword Perspective

Why Optimise your CV?

A strong, impactful professional CV requires the inclusion of relevant keywords. The reason for this is two fold. It ensures favourability for recruiter ATS systems (to help you get through initial screening stages) and at the same time helps to demonstrate your skills, experiences and capabilities in line with requirements of the job you are applying for.

Identify all the Relevant Keywords for your CV

It is always good practice to look at the job description and person specification of the role you are applying for, and ensure that all of the core keywords are included within the initial sections of your CV in particular, for greater emphasis. These of course, have to be put in context appropriately according to your background and experience levels.

Contextualise the Content within your CV

On the whole, many people tend to be applying for positions in line with what would be understood as their natural career path (i.e. progressing into more senior roles), however sometimes individuals tend to change or pivot career direction. In this case, the individual may not have a particular skill or experience, so it would be pertinent to say that he or she has the 'capability' to undertake what is required for a role (rather than saying they have experience) to put context around the keywords in an accurate and truthful way.

Benefits of Professional CV Writing

The benefit of using a CV writing service is to ensure that all of these keywords are included in your new CV, which will ultimately help you to get through the ATS systems, show the relevance of your experience / skills / capabilities to recruiters as well as hiring managers, and ultimately secure more interviews.

By targeting keywords in the optimal way, professional CV writers can make a substantial difference to your chances of landing a new position.

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