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Should you Pay Someone to Write your CV?

A question that many people ask is whether you should pay someone to write your CV. There are many advantages of using a professional CV writing service vs. doing it yourself. It is always very difficult to write for oneself in any case, let alone for a CV, where is it absolutely critical to stand out from other candidates in today's very competitive job environment. This is compounded further, if you have limited knowledge of what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for - this is where CV writers can provide valuable help.

When would you use a CV writing service?

Individuals may choose to avail the assistance of professional CV writing services for a breadth of reasons. Generally it is with the aim of applying for certain jobs in line with their career experiences and getting responses, ultimately leading to interviews. On the other hand, someone may wish to change career direction towards attaining a new role in a different industry / sector, this is where the help of professional CV writers can be of great benefit.

When pivoting from an established career path, or striving to attain a dream job, insight from the perspective of CV writers or a professional CV writing service (who look at CVs through the lens of recruiters) can mean the difference between landing an interview or not. You can be the strongest candidate, however if this is not reflected on a CV in a clear and concise manner, then your chances of success for future employment opportunities can be impacted.

Advantages of using a CV writer

A well presented, professionally written CV always makes a positive first impression to recruiters and hiring managers. Recruiters in particular often have hundreds of CVs to review in order to shortlist candidates, so it is imperative that a CV captures their attention at a glance. You may have heard of the 3 second rule, and there is truth to this. CVs are reviewed very quickly prior to candidates being shortlisted for interview, so CV formatting, structure and content are critical to get right. CV writers are highly skilled in ensuring that all aspects are taken into account.

Employers will swiftly disregard candidates if their CVs or Cover Letters include spelling or grammar mistakes as it shows carelessness, so it is imperative that all wording is accurate, cohesive and flows well. Another important point to note is the difference in US English and British English. There are subtle differences, i.e. using the letter 's' instead of 'z in many instances. An example of this is the word 'prioritise' which is spelt in that way in British English, but as 'prioritize' in US English. The reason this is important to point out, is because often spell check dictionaries are set by default to the US language setting, hence it is key to ensure all wording is in British English (unless of course you are applying for jobs outside of the UK).

Whether or not you choose to avail a professional CV writing company, making sure your CV is free of spelling and grammatical errors is very important. A professional CV writer will ensure that your documents are error-free and highlight your skills, experiences, capabilities and strengths in the best way possible for maximum effectiveness. Professional CV writers know the right words to use in order to make your CV impactful, often including things which you may not have thought of.

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