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Should you Include a Photo on your CV?

We are very frequently asked whether candidates should include a professional photo on a CV. In the UK, generally you should not include a photo and it is not expected either. There are only very few limited exceptions, i.e. for certain roles within aviation such as cabin crew and certain customer service positions.

There always tends to be debate around this topic, because in some countries, a photograph is included on a CV, for example, in certain European or Middle Eastern countries.

In the past, it did tend to be the norm to include a profile picture on your CV, however this is now not the case due to many laws relating to discrimination and equality.

Employers are not allowed to judge candidates based on age, gender, disability, race etc. and the inclusion of a photo can cause unconscious bias which can put individuals at a disadvantage. It is therefore in the interests of candidates to exclude any personal information or images, so that hiring managers can select individuals based solely on their merits, experiences and skills.

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